Our Beef compared to the grocery store

Grocery store beef is mass produced. The cows live their lives in overcrowded feedlots with little to no grass. They eat foods high in steroids, hormones, and antibotics that make them super fat super quick. This is not natural to them and not healthy for us. 

Our beef is all natural without all the steroids, hormones, and antibotics. Naturally pastured beef is lower in both saturated fat and calories making our beef a heart-healthy choice. Animals feeding on natural pasture require less fossil fuel while delievering positive impacts to our environment.

Our Price

Our beef is sold based on hanging weight, this is the weight of the carcass after slaughter. So we multiply the hanging weight by $2.50 for a whole/ $2.60 for a half/ $2.75 for a hind quarter and $2.60 for a front quarter.  Your payment will be this amount minus your deposit.

There will be 3 payment transactions:

The 1st two will be payable to Soque River Farms while the last one will be payable to Blalock Meats. The 1st will be your deposit that is required at the time of your order ($50 quarter/ $100 half/ $200 whole.) 

The 2rd will be at the time of the slaughter. The processor will provide us the hanging weight then we mulitiply by $2.50 whole/ $2.60 half/ $2.75 hind/$2.60 front quarter then subtract your deposit amount to give you your second payment. 

The 3rd transaction will be paid to Blalock Meats when you pick up your beef. Their processing fee is .55 cent per pound of dressed weight.

For example: You decide you want to buy a half of a beef. You will pay $100 deposit when you place your order. After slaughter the processor tells us the hanging weight of 720 Lbs. Since you are buying a half we divide 720 by 2 to get 360 and then multiply at by $2.60. That comes to $936 so we subtract your $100 deposit so your 2rd transaction will be $836. Your 3rd charge will be .55 x 360= $198 that equals your total processing fee. 

The amount you would pay Soque River Farms is $936 and  the amount you would pay Blalock Meats is $198 for a total of $1134 for approximently 250 Lbs. of beef or about $4.54 per lb. 

We accept pay pal, cash, or check.